UX Design Course

Learn UX Design and build a portfolio with help from industry experts.

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Total investment of R$1.199, divided in up to 12 installments.

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Do you know how it feels when you use an app or website and everything goes smoothly? There's a very distinct feeling when you have a great experience. And that is very different from those times when the product doesn't make sense and neither works as it should.

It's a UX Designer's job to build products that help users achieve their goals. And to do that, they need to understand who the users are and keep them in mind throughout the design process.

Nowadays companies understand UX and why it matters. The industry is booming with opportunities in the best companies. Sound interesting?

During the course you will:

Learn the fundamentals

You'll learn everything from user research techniques to usability testing and prototyping.

Work on a real project

You'll pick a project to work on throughout the course and will create wireframes, sitemaps and more.

Get feedback from your mentor

During the mentor calls, you'll get feedback on your assignments and learn more about UX.

When you graduate you will:

Be ready for an entry-level UX position. After you graduate, you'll get tips for the interview process and be ready for an entry-level UX job.

Feel prepared to apply the design process in other projects. You'll have a solid understanding of the UX process and be ready to apply it to other real projects.

Have a live portfolio with a case study. You'll have finalized your case study and will get tips on how to continue evolving your portfolio.

Be familiarized with the UX terminology. By the end of the course you'll be comfortable with industry terms like Content Strategy and Information Architecture.

Our mentors come from companies such as:

Work & Co
Easy Taxi

Curriculum - what you will learn

Our curriculum is structured into 13 units, including your project and career tips.

Unit 01

Getting Started: Tips and Info About the UX Course

Unit 02

UX Design: Intro, Fundamentals and Reading List

Unit 03

User-Centered Design, Design Thinking and Your Project

Unit 04

User Research: Techniques and Data Analysis

Unit 05

Competitive Analysis: Heuristic Evaluation and Benchmarks

Unit 06

Personas, Empathy Maps and Jobs-To-Be-Done

Unidade 07

Metodologias de Desenvolvimento e User Stories

Unidade 08

Estratégia de Contéudo e Arquitetura de Informação

Unidade 09

Esboços, Wireframes & Ferramentas de Prototipagem

Receive the course syllabus by email:

Course Fees



Total course fee is R$1,199 up to 12 installments.

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What's included:

  • 12 mentor call credits. Schedule calls whenever you need them

  • Lifetime access to the curriculum and future updates

  • 50% student discount for a Sketch App license

  • Curriculum with over 100h of content and assignments

  • Lifetime access to the mentor and student community

  • Recommendations for books, events, articles, and more

  • Real projects to include in your portfolio

  • Graduation certificate validated by ABED


What's the course content, and what am I going to learn?

The course has over 100h of content and assignments about UX Design. You'll learn what is UX Design and the different parts of the design process.

We'll also recommend the best tools for each step, and we include guides for most of them. If you want to see the full course syllabus, click here.

How can I pay?

You can pay using your credit card or boleto bancário.

Is it an in-person or remote course?

It's a fully remote course, including the mentor calls.

How do the mentor calls work?

You'll be able to schedule up to 12 mentor calls. You can use the calls to have your questions answered, get feedback on your project and learn more about the industry. The calls are one-on-one.

Is it required to have any previous knowledge in the subject?

No. You don't need to have any previous knowledge in UX, and you also don't need to know how to code.

(If you do, don't worry! It'll make things even easier.)

Is there a graduation certificate?

Sim! Após finalizar o curso e seu mentor aprovar o projeto enviado, você irá receber um certificado de graduação, onde vamos reconhecer e comprovar que você passou e se graduou no curso de UX da Awari. O certificado é validado pela ABED. O Curso de UX Design da Awari não é um curso superior e esse não é um diploma de ensino superior.

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